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Aryan Mohanty

Branding & Marketing Geek

  • Married To Adobe
  • Afternoon Nap Enthusiast
  • Never Turns Down Unplanned Adventures During Travel 🤙🏽
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Jackson Mowatt Gok

Sales Guy & Software Dev

  • Tech & Business Nerd
  • Probably Scrolling Twitter
  • Definitely Watched Interstellar Way Too Many Times 👨‍🚀
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Nick Wylynko

Product, Software & Ux Dev

  • Genius Level Byte Manipulator
  • Apple's Evangelist
  • Often Spotted With Ipad Kid Tendencies 👶
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Vitold Voytekunas

Finance & Product Pro

  • Viking Collecting Burgundy
  • “Well...yes And No...”
  • Team's Best Decision Maker
  • Thinks The Best Way To Make Dough Was Being A Baker ☕

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