Parasailing Day Trip out with 3 Friends

Sorrento, Italy
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Georgia Prescott@georgia_prescott
Travelled duringJul 2023
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A fun mix of relaxed and thrilling day trip out with the girls. Started off exploring the the secret swimming spots off the coast of Sorrento then making our way to our parasailing boat tour in the afternoon (which was soo fun). Finished off the day with a happy hour beer at a local Irish Bar.

Bagni Regina GiovannaAncient ruins natural swimming home

Bagni Regina Giovanna is a natural swimming hole, a secluded spot located off the beaten path in Sorrento. It was once home to a Roman villa, the ruins of which still stand today. Take a dip

100% natural
Family friendly
Various Water activities
Relaxing & Plenty of shady of spots
Sorrento Coast Parasailing & Boat TourParasail & Boat tour off Sorrento Coast

Want to experience a truly breathtaking sensation? We have just the thing for you: a parasailing flight to admire the wonderful views of the Sorrento Peninsula from above and with a dash of

Discover the thrills of Parasail
Reach an altitude of 80 metres
Sit back and enjoy the panoramic view
Family friendly 9 & above
Late Afternoon
Chaplin’s Irish BarHappy Hour Beers & more

Since 1976, 'Chaplin's' has been the one and only Irish Pub in Sorrento. In its many years 'Chaplin's' has welcomed one and all, including lots of famous people. Come to 'Chaplin's' and expe

Variety of cold beverage
Friendly staff
Super social