Amusement Park and Food in Copenhagen

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Angela Pua@_angelapua
Travelled duringJul 2023
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An unforgettable Copenhagen adventure with the crew! We kicked off the day at 'Tivoli' amusement park, hopping on carousels and thrilling rides. Afterward, we explored 'Reffen' street food market by the waterfront, the tacos and burgers were a hit! The vibrant atmosphere and delicious eats made it an absolute delight. A day filled with excitement, laughter and great food. Copenhagen, you stole our hearts!

Late Morning
Tivoli GardensCopenhagen’s famous amusement park

You've gotta check out Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark! It's a historic amusement park, super charming and magical since 1843. They've got awesome rides, from classic wooden coasters t

Historic park since 1843
Magical night lights
Charming rides
Enchanting gardens
Late Afternoon
Reffen Street Food MarketCopenhagen Street Food Market

Go try Reffen - Copenhagen Street Food! It's a foodie's paradise right by the waterfront. Picture this: a vibrant outdoor market with loads of food trucks and stalls, all serving up deliciou

Foodie paradise
Waterfront location
Diverse eats
Cool atmosphere